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    ➡️ We specialize in the secure handling of confidential, proprietary, and sensitive material. We are able to execute Non-Disclosure NDA agreements.


    ➡️ Comprehensive speech writing or ghostwriting services with assured anonymity.


    ➡️ Doctoral Dissertation or Masters Thesis coaching, editing, and mentoring services. (*we do not write content for dissertations)


    ➡️ Eulogy, memorial, and obituary writing services.


    ➡️ Ceremonial speech writing including "Best Man" celebratory speeches.


    ➡️ Letter/email writing to elected officials or government agencies for any constituent concern/need


    ➡️ Composition of political campaign literature for elective office candidates.


    ➡️ Press release writing, with dissemination to relevant media.


    ➡️ Need something typed? We offer complete 'end-to-end' typing and data entry services!


    ➡️ Full range of proofreading services, including real-time virtual collaboration.


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    Persuasive Writing Service is a for-hire professional writing consultancy.​ We execute freelance writing contractual agreements for specific narrative demands.


    Our pricing is customized for each client's unique needs and we offer free no-obligation consultations. Our compensation varies from payment by the page, by the hour, or by [entire-project] pricing.


    Founded in 2015, we offer proven expertise in writing consultancy. Our Lead Author and Principal, Dr. Edward Maritz, is a published author and retired educator with decades of persuasive writing experience.


    Our clients vary from entrepreneurs to students, and many others in between! We specialize in servicing clients who require a discreet, confidential relationship with assured anonymity.


    When otherwise reasonably practical, we also offer [in-person delivery] of a finished product (rather than electronically or by mail) to solidify privacy even further.


    We realize some ideas may not yet be on the market, and, as such, we are pleased to offer confidentiality agreements or NDA's for privileged, proprietary, or sensitive information as needed.

    Repeat Customers rely on us when they struggle to find impactful wording to convey their great concepts or ideas.


    If you are struggling and can't find the right words, turn to us because...



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    CV for Lead Author Edward J. Maritz, Jr., Ed.D.

    Dr. Maritz's Curriculum Vitae
    Principal, Persuasive Writing Services


    Click to view Dr. Maritz's Dissertation

    Published Dissertation

    By: Edward J. Maritz, Jr., Ed.D.

    Defense Date: June 23, 2006.
    "A Study of the Relationships between Superintendent Longevity, Board Member Longevity, Board Member Training, and School Districts Demonstrating Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) During the 2004-2005 School Year (Doctoral dissertation, Duquesne University)."

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    PA Lt. Governor Commendation

    Honoree: Dr. Edward J. Maritz, July 16, 2008


    Click to view Dr. Maritz's Accreditation

    Distinguished Master School Board Member Accreditation

    Accreditation Awarded July 2008 to: Dr. Edward J. Maritz


    Click to view Dr. Maritz's Testimony

    In-Person Testimony before the Pennsylvania State Senate

    Harrisburg, PA

    November 01, 2011

    By: Edward J. Maritz, Jr., Ed.D.


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    Sample Presentation

    We customize Presentations for many topics, including necessary research!


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    Sample Public Speech

    Live Oral Remarks at a public rally inside the Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg PA

    June 05, 2007


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